The debut EP from Eddi Front, out now on iTunes

The spell-binding debut EP from Brookyln based siren Eddi Front is out now via all good digital merchants. Made up of three original songs and a heart-breaking cover of Nick Cave’s ‘Into My Arms’, the self-titled EP is as perfect an introduction to Eddi’s guarded world as one could ever wish for. Described as “simply breathtaking” by The Independent whilst The Sunday Times hail it as “a wonderful debut”, we’re truly convinced this is the start of something huge for this incredible young artist.

There’s an unmistakably noirish quality to Eddi’s exquisitely poised ballads and her words, backed simply with shivering piano and guitar, are full of sweet menace. But her voice – breathy and beguiling – belies the force, and sometimes filth, of her lyrics. As an old-fashioned purist when it comes to building and recording a track, it means her songs are haunted with a creaking, dusty, old music hall quality.

It took a long time for Eddi to even be persuaded by her musician friends into a studio. Having been so devoted to simply recording the song in the moment on her four-track, anything more high-tech, she says, “felt like cheating.” The resulting studio recordings that shape her self-titled debut EP have lost none of the charm of those humble introductory demos, retaining that hazy, dreamlike quality.

Eddi Front makes her live debut at St Pancras Old Church on November 8. Buy tickets here.

Buy the Eddi Front EP digitally via iTunes. A limited edition 10″ vinyl edition is available to pre-order now via the Best Fit Recordings store.

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